Sunday, 28 March 2010

Who am i?

I live in a transparent world. I live in a world where, people as u know them are just people. They will be there for you in time of need and when u dont even need them, but do i really want to live my life, as i am right now. My heart has been broken for a long time and i wish to get rid of the pain yet, deep inside i really dont mind going through this pain to keep the memory alive. I feel sick, i wish things could happen to me instead of others,I wish i had cancer and not my friends girlfriend, i wish i was hit by a car instead of my bestfriend, i wish i could colapse and die from a heart attack. These are the kind of things i wish i could have, because literally i have given up. I'm messed up in so many ways, i portray this guy who everyone can love easily and have around most times, but inside i cant do anything but whimper, because when im alone, i break down and cry, cry like a little baby whose been beaten. I want to be invisible i want to be different but different in a way that no one notices. I feel as though my world is crashing down. At the end of the day with a broken heart its hard to carry on. Life isnt as easy as everyone thinks it is, no in my world its just dark. I wish i was someone else, someone with a perfect life, an easy life, a loved life.

I need a new life.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A piece of Critique on NEO and Nero Vivo

Professional Writing Assignment 2
Kuala Lumpur has become more developed when it comes to fine dining. Back in the early 90’s fine dining restaurants were at a minimum, but now one can find one anywhere in the heart of the city or even in certain suburbs. Restaurants such as La Fete, Bijan, Frangipani, Twenty-one bar and Restaurant, Maredo’s, and many more. All these restaurants provide a fine dining experience, and a taste explosion, but of coarse it all comes at a price. The two restaurants that we have chosen to make a comparison on are, NEO Luxe Lounge, Jalan Sultan Ismail and Nero Vivo, Changkat Raja Chulan.
Both of these restaurants cater to similar market segments, which would be business owners, royalty, expatriates, and as prejudice as we may sound, you could say these restaurants are reserved for the sophisticated crowd, or thriving socialites, this is because these two restaurants provide a certain kind of class and etiquette. The atmospheres in these restaurants are vibrant and quite extraordinary.
Nero Vivo provides a very rustic atmosphere, wooden furniture, long wooden bar and very beautiful d├ęcor such as beautiful paintings of women on nearly all the corners of the restaurant. Nero Vivo also provides indoor and alfresco dining. Customers are given the choice of dining in the indoor rustic atmosphere or the beautifully decorated outdoor dining which also has a small bar for customers to enjoy fresh cocktails or good wines.
NEO Luxe lounge, which was opened not too long ago by the same owners of the prestigious, Tamarind Springs boast a setting that caters to the lights of the Sultan of Pahang, Celebs such as Ning Baizura and many more, NEO provides a beautiful setting, it has four dinning rooms, each different in its own way and seats at least 30 in each room. The furniture is very contemporary, most of which imported from places such as Chiang Mai and Indonesia. NEO also has a very beautiful and extremely long bar in the outdoor area of the restaurant. The bar is something very special, because it is lit by very tiny lights on the surface creating a starry effect. The place is landscaped beautifully with trees and long sofa’s. The place also plays host to many parties, as of recent it played host to the Chic, Style Rocks Party.
Nero Vivo and NEO both differ when it comes to their respective menus, Nero Vivo boast a delicious variety of Italian cuisine, dishes such as a variety of antipasti, dolce (dessert) like their famous Tiramisu, which is a cream based dessert with lots of biscotti and a nice splash of Amaretto or Tia Maria, their mains such as the pasta’s are served with style as their Italian chef Riccardo Ferrarotti, creates each of the dishes using different techniques taught by grandmamma back in Italy.
Vivo also serves up a variety of cocktails and wines, the “Proseco” which is an Italian sparkling wine is one of their most served drinks, Sambuca shots are served to most table as it is a fantastic aperitif. At the end of a wholesome meal, one can enjoy a fresh cup of espresso made in their reputable coffee maker, each shot of espresso is just right. Prices in Vivo range from RM18 to RM1000. A meal for two course by course plus wine could run you up at least RM500
NEO on the other hand, serves a fusion based menu, they have a very small menu most of the time but each dish is created with the hands of a genius, Chef Thi Thi, is an amazing, one Michelin Star chef who was flown down from a very exclusive restaurant in Thailand to work for this restaurant, the owners Federico and Maple are perfectionist and expect only the best when it comes to serving their customers. One would have to start with their magnificent cocktail menu, all created by the chef himself, cocktails such as Orange Brulee which is an mixture of vodka, orange liquors, cream, and a few other spices that wouldmake the tongue tingle with delight.
There are two choices when you visit this restaurant, you may order from the menu or you may be adventurous and tell the chef to make what ever he feels like creating. He would bring you on a culinary adventure, having you taste dishes like salmon on a sheet of horseradish and eggplant puree or pasta made with tiger prawns and a bisque of lobster and prawns, but make sure you tell him when to stop or he will go on creating. There is a good choice of wines, White or Red; you would find a bottle that will please you. Prices in NEO range between RM26 to RM1000. Like Vivo, NEO will run up a bill of at least RM500 for two.
NEO and Vivo have trained their staff to perfection, having them serve you with delight and always at your back and call. Uniforms for the staff in both places are eye catching, in NEO the staffs are dressed in a very Asian look which is very different from most restaurants whereas in Vivo the staffs are dressed in a smarter sense, with tugging black outfits that look almost like jumpers.
In contrast, Vivo boast a more comfy and rustic feel, so one can feel more like at home when dining, the atmosphere is more joyful and people tend to look more at ease, whereas in NEO people tend to be rather quiet and less talkative, this could be because the of the atmosphere in the restaurant, it is much bigger than Vivo and does not have a rustic or warm feel to it. The food in Vivo is more prepared with ease and not much precision, so there are not much decorative features on the food, but you can be rest assured to be awed when you eat in NEO as the food comes like a piece of art. As for the flavor of the food, there is nothing at all to complain about both chefs of both restaurants take pride in making sure everything that is served is prepared well and there are never any flaws. The managers and staff are ever helpful in creating a splendid time when you dine.
From the findings above, one may conclude that both of these restaurants are an absolute must to try out, mainly because both have its own unique appeal. Both restaurants boast exclusivity and absolute pleasure to the tongue. So one should not think about the prices that would be paid but the fact that one would be able to experience a really different and tantalizing experience.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Foreign Bodies!

The art of foreign ammunition.
How do we rate a country based on how warm they are towards foreigners?
Being an Asian country , are we more friendly towards all tourist? Is it because they are interesting or the mere fact that they are a different skin tone than we are?
I have a lot of friends who tend to be more polite or friendly towards tourist just because they are white! Why? Do we feel an urge to mingle amongst the white people or are we just being polite, friendly Malaysians? Well I don’t know maybe we are just curious about their culture.
Being Asian my self, I tend to be rather friendly with foreigners, my main reason is the fact that they are way more friendly than the Asians you find in my country.
Here people don’t smile as much as many Europeans or Americans do!
Why? Are they afraid that the diamonds in their mouth may spill out?

Anyway, that was just an opening to my very frightful story about just how friendly the People in My Country are!
Now based on multiple stories compiled over just a few months , I fell absolutely disgusted by the fact that certain people of certain careers that tend to misuse their so called POWER!
A couple of months ago a friend of mine who was partying in a local club named Zouk got beaten up and had several injuries to the head. All because some stupid slut made her way to him for a dance!
First of all, he was ambushed from the back and not the front! This just shows how “BRAVE” our so called thugs are!
They ambush him and punch him on the head causing him to bleed and then kicked him repeatedly on the ground until they were stopped by security personal!
This comes from a friend of mine who’s Mexican and secures a good job in this country and who, might I add is loved by many for his sense of humour when he Freestyles LOL.
The second incident happened in the much Esteemed social club SULTAN LOUNGE.
Although this story comes from a third party, it still pisses the shit out of me!
A friend of mine who like any normal person got a little bit drunk at this “place” and accidentally knocked into a another so called gentleman and knocked over his drink. My friend who apologetically tells him that he will replace his drink gets punched out of no where in the face. What he does, he tries to fight back but is stopped by security because they didn’t want it get any further, (Or was it because this asshole was of some sort of Royal family?) By that time, the asshole had run out of the club. My friend who chased the guy had no chance because he had gotten too far!
This comes from a very intelligent and friendly Malaysian who was raised in France.
Now the Third story only happened a few days ago, Same place, SULTAN LOUNGE!
An extremely close friend of mine was supposedly warned by club security a week or two before this incident. He does nothing wrong mind you, He is an extremely warm Italian guy who knows how to have a good time.
Anyway back to Saturday, Now out of nowhere after entering the club or “lounge” he was dragged into a security room and beaten up by a few security personal using belt BUCKLES and was thrown out? BASED ON???
HE was Beaten up for NOTHING!
And do you know what those stupid bastards had the audacity to say? This is MALAYSIA Our COUNTRY SO U CANT DO ANYTHING!
And now friends have advised is that we have no point to take further action all because the club is owned by ROYALTY!
As a fellow citizen , I feel no sense of security what so ever since our own Royal Family is not to be trusted.
Where do we go from here? We have no where to go. All we can do is go through everyday life like everything is normal, for we live in this country and even so BORN HERE!
When a country cant even show us some respect, Well that’s when we lose respect for the country, and as of now, I feel as though I have lost it.
I have absolutely nothing to be proud of as a fellow Malaysian. All we are is Robots who have our tongues tied and abide to a filthy government.
Thank You,
Concerned Citizen.


People were all alike, We’re just different based on our skin colour, culture, gender and best of all PERSONALITIES!

We all need to eat, drink, shit, piss, fuck and sleep to survive! Without these things we would die, maybe not in the FUCK sense la!

Anyway we all love to try something new,we all need clothes on our back, most of us need glasses at one point of the other. We all did something naughty, we all did something nice, we all love presents , we all hate punishment, we all learn from some example or another. We all have a best friend or a person to talk to in times of need, we all have enemies, we all love to share stories with people, we love to hear secrets, we all love to be as nice as possible, we all love to be nasty once in a while, we all have a dream, we all have failure, we all learn from mistakes( well some of us), we all lean towards someone in time of need, we all have our fav drink, or food, we all love our parents at least a lil, we all have cellphones at some age or another, we all have eyes,nose,mouth and teeth funchioning or not funchioning, we all have surnames, we all have a name!, we all live in a world where economies are good or bad, goverments are hardworking or sleazy scumbags, we all have produce, so lets try and preserve our earth so we can all have a future.

Lastly we all either LIVE or DIE. we choose to live with passion, and some choose not to, we either strive to the challenge or we lose out, we all dare to chase our dreams or it gets forgotten, and we choose to find love or never find it at all!

R.I.P Thomas Malory Deniel, You lived your life with PASSION , you always strived through the challenge, you chased your DREAMS and you Found love With so MANY PEOPLE!

And Well we miss you like crazy!

By, Jonathan Charles.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Friend or Foe?

OH MY GOD. I think im becoming a Slut! hahaha

Just kidding.

I dont know what to say really, im here in Zahra's office, waiting for her to finish her work, its 4am BTW. And yesh im really tired, but the extent we go through for our close friends right?

Like i would take a bullet for any of my besties! Well, i guess thats just how life is, friends mean a lot.

I feel like my best friend in the whole wide world, is drifting futher and further away from me.
Its like my heart is being plunged out, well i dont mean to sound dramatic, but you when u start to lose the person, the one person, who truly understands you, is there for you and tries to follow you.

I dont know , maybe i should move on?
I mean well like, i cant say much, he's been through alot as of recent. So maybe he's changed because of this disastrous few weeks or maybe its the people around him, who dont like me and then start to bad mouth me to him?

Life brings you down slippery path ways but you try to deal with them with class and not angry or emotions.

I cant say more.

Love j

Friday, 15 May 2009

A New Dawn!

Well we're now in the 5th month of the year of the Ox! Ahem, Well the year has been flying like fucking hell innit?

Anyway i haven't blogged in ages, so now as i sit in the Plaza of my University i taught "hey why not write up a blog". Awesome ey.

Alright so the year sounded pretty good, had an awesome time during the first few months, you just basically fucking around trying out new horizons. Became pretty wild.

Then in the beginning of March, i registered myself at Lim Kok Wing University Of Creative Technology. God that sounds nice, Yeah well so i started my classes and started scouting for friends, i became close with a bunch of Malaysians who are really cool and then realised that we were all in the same class. So we entered our class, first class, Mass Media, Once the class started i was so impressed because it was so interesting and then we moved on to the next class, which was Human Communication and again i was like woah! Thank god i chose this coarse.

Anyway as time went by i started to make a whole lot of new friends in class and around campus. Practically by the first month i knew everyone in my class and had quite a lot of friends around campus. So these are the most interesting guys i know, Adil Habib, A pakistani who clicks with me "like That" he's cool, entertaining and witty! And then we have Khairah@ G who's really neither here nor there! She's more bambi than Adil ( LOL ) sorry Dil.
Then we have Veronika whose the russian of the group, she's cool and reserved and very classy in the dress department. Then theres Gavin and Onella. These are all kids who are not in my class, there in a different coarse! But not adil, He's in my class. Ok now the wacksters in my class, Theres, Fahmi(the Cute Toyboy lookalike) then theres Syafiq(HulK),Mukriz(Khairul) , Loqman(batman gay boy hahaha) Syirah,Mimi,Chucky(the triplets..Theywish) and Alot more! Its awesome. Theyre all so intelligent and funny and ilovethem!!! OH OH Dont forget MOBY!! Muneeb, Adil's Cousin("") He's a fucking wacky filthy munky! hahaha.

Ok, now with recent changes of cataclysmic effect on my daily life, Ive sort of grown accustomed to the routine, of waking up,and getting to school and having fun there. It is rather suffocating some may think but "hey" you dont know till you try right?

Now of recent, we got to know a couple of girls and a boy, Amalina,Ain and Diqin. Theyre really funny and i get along with them like hell! We crack jokes practically all day long and it never ends!

OK into more important details, This year a war of crime broke out between Israel and Palastine. It was really heart breaking, watching kids and mothers and the innocent be separated from theyre loved ones and and killed or forced to fight, Homes were shattered and families broken and it was just a disaster. The problem was it was mainly palestinians who were killed. Seriously the israelites practically blew up all of that small strip. It was GENOCIDE. When u see pictures of mothers holding they're dead babies or Children in the age group of 1-15 having they're heads or body parts decapitated; You wonder? Is this all nessasary?? Well anyway, Moving on, To help these people, most countries were carrying out donation drives, campaigns, bazaars and ofcoarse medical aid donation. And being such a small country as we are, we managed to collect a hundred thousand and also send over a couple of doctors. I myself attented a few rallies and donation drives as a volunteer. And i felt overwhelmed at the sight of all these people who were trying to help.


Now in the light of more exciting things, have been clubbing my ass off for the past few months, every weekend is a must> attented parties. Gained membership at my favourite club FRANGIPANI, Became well known in a few clubs and met so many interesting people.

Oh of recent, My best and most dearest friend, Andrea was admitted into hospital because his lung collapsed. Now what i dont understand is?! How the hell does a healthy, young, athletic guy like that who has never smoked a cigarette in his life just to add. and yeah! so i was really sad for a while, but he's holding up so yeah. Its all good!

Monday, 29 December 2008

Twee Duizand And Bloody Eight.

Well, I end this year with a terribly broken heart.

I am Going to begin this blog with a little summary of my blessed year.
January, Well Jan was boring. It was just over so i was sort of trying to heal. Trust me Aromatherapy doesn't work. If u have a bad break up, Icecream and fattening food is the only stuff that will help u up and help u gain a few extra pounds sigh.
February, Same as January.
March, I left to national service.For more info check out my other blog. But somehow National Service helped me in a lot of healing ways. My heart was getting better.

Lets Skip to June.


Started working in a small company called Getronics, Life was good. I was earning enough to party every weekend,so it kept me busy.

I resigned in October.Due to personal reasons.

November; It all started over again. She came back crawling slowly into my life. it was good at first all jolly and happy and emotionally she was there again.
December. Oh December.

Well i was going to turn 18 and i just couldn't wait , i was having quite a bit of fun going here and there, visiting friends who had come down from their respectful countries, unno just partying mainly. She started turning for the worst. As usual turning into the big bad wolf again. I started to feel the hurt.
I turned 18 and minutes before i did i was crying my lungs out on my bed. came out washed my face and put on a fake smile to greet the people who we're in my house at 12am. Yes She came.
the questions, Jon tell me why Ur not smiling when this was what u wanted all along?
Because when Ur heart is not at ease u cant be either was what i answered.
Had a birthday party by the pool and clubbed after.

Went to pangkor the next day, it made it worse.

Had the worse Christmas ever.
Not an ounce of happiness in me. all i did was get drunk to drown the pain.
Ironically i feel stupid. technically its not my fault because in this case my heart is making all the decisions.

cant wait for the new year, My resolution is to forget and move on. I hope i can. at the end of the day i quote. You make it Real for ME.

Happy 2009 Everyone. I hope u all find what your looking for.

Love Jon x